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 You Only Die Once by Margie Jenkins





   In her highly praised book, You Only Die Once; Preparing for the End of Life with Grace and Gusto, Margie Jenkins makes a stimulating and compelling case to readers that preparing for life's ending is the groundwork for living a more bodacious and rewarding life.  Skillfully using stories and personal experiences, she motivates you to recognize the benefits and importance of being informed about end-of-life decisions that you can make now.

The Personal Planner follows the chapters in her book, offering forms to fill out that create a simple roadmap - guiding you through the planning process.

In You Only Die Once, you will discover how to:

▪  Surprise yourself with the joy and satisfaction of the planning process.

   Become aware of the fantastic gift to yourself and your survivors when
    you make end-of-life decisions before it's too late.

   Update and organize your vital papers.

   Live life to the fullest now, with less anxiety and guilt about what will
    happen when you die.  

   Plan your own memorial service that honors your life, beliefs and

You Only Die Once is a warm-hearted, easy to read book.  It provides a unique aspect of caring, loving, and life fulfillment, by offering comfort and direction for successfully preparing an end-of-life plan with grace and gusto.



In his article, Living Well Should Include Planning for Death, Philip Moeller discusses his recent interview with Margie Jenkins.  Margie reveals the motivation that led her to study, write and speak on planning for the end of life, according to Moeller.  The article summarizes the main points of Margie's book, You Only Die Once, and points up the importance of this formerly avoided topic.  Moeller is Contributing Editor for U.S, News.  His article was published on line May 25, 2011.


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